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FALL '22

LITERATURE STUDIES '22 / XI. International Conference on Literature

REFUGEES AND FORCED IMMIGRATION '22 / VI. International Conference on Refugee and Forced Immigration Studies

MEMORY STUDIES '22 / VII. International Interdisciplinary Conference

GENDER AND WOMEN'S STUDIES '22 / VII. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender and Women's Studies

Marina Farima

Bodies as Sites of Struggle: Oscillating between Performing and Resisting Patriarchal Discourses in Two Women

Spencier Ciaralli

Queer pornography: Women and AFAB individuals' sexual exploration through their pornography consumption

ARCHTHEO '22 - XVI. International Conference on Theory and History of Architecture

Amala Anna Jacob

Paving the Way for New Critical Thinkers - Fostering Analytical Thinking by Using Drawing, Writing and Model Making as a Pedagogic Tool in Architectural Theory Courses

Naeem Abrar

Portuguese city planning and architecture in East. An historic outlook

Nehir Bera Biçer

The Sonic Call For The Scope Of Urban Research

Peter Volgger

Guattari's Bat - Designing an Ecology of Care

MKA '22

CUI '22 / X. International Contemporary Urban Issues Conference

Bita Khaterizadeh

Safeguarding historical and natural sites by identifying the direction of development of cities; a case study: QOM, IRAN

Gökçe Nihan Demirel

The Effect of Tall Buildings on Urban Context: Case Studies of Shanghai and Dubai

ENTECH '22 / VIII. Online International Engineering and Technology Conference

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