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Please click on the REGISTER button to continue with payment. For in-person conferences, the presentation fee is 200 EUR for all categories.

Note for the participants

where Pay Pal and Credit Cards are not active:

Please contact us for Bank Account details to make a WIRE_TRANSFER.




After the abstract submission, you will receive a notification related to your abstract within three weeks.


Proposals will be selected according to double-blind peer reviews by the scientific committee. 


If your proposal is accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter. In that case, you will need to fill in the registration form to confirm your participation.




You will receive a single participation certificate at end of the last session, including the names of all authors, title of the paper, presentation type, signature and stamp. In case you might need other kind of document, you need to ask for it beforehand the conference. We will not be able to prepare any document during the conference.




You will receive an electronic official invoice instantly for your credit card payment. If you make your payment with any other methods, like wire tranfer or ay on desk, you will be able to get the invoice at the first day of the conference.




All type of presentations' full papers will be published in the conference proceedings e-book with an ISBN number, which will be sent to Thomson Reuter's Web of Science index to be evaluated. Thus all full papers must be uploaded to our submission system, before the related deadline. 


If you will not upload your full paper in time, only your abstract will be published in the conference proceedings book as your participation. For any reason, if you do not want to publish your full paper in the conference proceedings book, you must inform us.


The full papers of the participants, who will make an on-site payment, will be included in the proceedings book after the conference and the e-book will be sent to them. 

You must follow the guidelines and templates which are available on the GUIDELINES page, when you are composing your full paper. 


Please follow the announcements for special agreements with academic journals for selected papers to be published after the conference. 





In-person presentation (Oral Presentation): Presentations must be 15 minutes long. Slide shows, video or voice files, pictures, texts, physical objects and etc. can be used. Only the stationer computer of the conference hall can be used, not a personal device. To connect to the internet is not available during the presentation from the stage. 


Poster presentation: Posters must be in A1 size and vertical. Posters will be screened in one of the halls. Therefore the posters should have been uploaded as a JPG file.


Virtual presentation: Participants who are unable to attend physically to the conference can choose the virtual presentation category. For this15 minutes long video or Power Point presentation with voice-over will be needed. Participants need send their presentations via e mail or other transfer methods until the conference day. The sending Virtual presentations will be screened at the end of the sessions. You will receive your proceedings e-book and certificate online.









You will have 15 minutes for your presentation, plus 5 minutes for questions.


Please make sure that your presentation does not exceed 15 minutes. The main intention should be to convey a brief summary of your work, which will be available in the proceedings, so that thos who are interested can read it afterwards.


We suggest to rewrite your essay for the oral medium.


You can show a PowerPoint presentation, separate images or a video which should be handed to us in a USB disk at the registration desk, otherwise it may not be possible to upload your material later on. Please do not count on internet connection during your presentation and keep in mind that you presentation is compatible with Windows 8. That means you should be ready to present when you arrive at the venue.



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