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Q: Can I submit an abstract now?

A: Information will be available on the Agenda section of the conference main page. This will provide you with the relevant abstract submission deadline and submission guidelines, and it will also inform you if the submission period is not yet open, or if the deadline has passed and submissions are no longer being considered.


Q: How do I submit an abstract?

A: Abstract submissions must be done online using the abstract submissions system dakamcms. The system involves you filling in a simple web form with your contact and abstract details, adding your prepared abstract and pressing submit. The whole submission process is very quick, and means that your abstract is automatically acknowledged and is added to the review system. Please do ensure that you submit carefully and accurately, in order to avoid later revisions. In order that you receive your automatic reply, it is particularly important that you input your email address accurately.


Q: Can I send my abstract via email?

A: You must upload your abstract to the dakamcms system. It is the only way your proposal to be taken into consideration.


Q: What does the fields on the abstract submission form mean?

A: The corresponding author' means that that you will be the one who is the contact person among the authors of the paper.

You can add images if necessary, but do not upload your abstract as a word document at this stage.

Use the 'Paper Submission' option only while submitting your full paper.


Q: I am unable to attend the conference. Can I still submit my abstract for publication in the conference proceedings?

A: If you know for definite that it will be impossible for your material to be presented at the conference by yourself or a co-author/colleague or by means of a virtual presentation or as a poster, please do not make a submission. Only those abstracts to be presented at the conference (oral, virtual, or poster) will be included in the conference program and proceedings book. We do not allow abstracts or full papers to be published in the conference materials without any presentation.


Q: I have submitted my abstract but have not received confirmation, what should I do?

A: Most importantly, do not resubmit your abstract at this stage! There may be a number of reasons why you have not received your notification. There may be an email delay, there may have been an error in your email address field on the form, or your organization may have blocked the message assuming that it is spam.


We try to send a notification in three weeks, whether your abstract has accepted or not. But in some cases you will need to wait until the submission deadline, as the scientific committee might be willing to evaluate all abstracts together.


Q: I have submitted my abstract and have received a notification, but now I realize that it contained a mistake and I need to revise it. Should I submit the abstract again online?

A: No, please do not resubmit your abstract online, as this will result in a duplication. Please simply go to the Update Information or Update Authors sections on dakamcms and make the necessary changes.


Q: What are the differences between participation categories?

A: In-person participation is regular (oral) conference presentation and the participants attend personally. One of the authors will present their work in a 15-20 minutes time. (15 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for discussion) If you have to cancel your place at the conference after registration, one of your colleagues can attend and present your work in your place.

Virtual presentation is available if you are unable to attend the conference personally. You will submit a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over narration or a video before the conference. This presentation will be shown in one of the venue halls according to the conference program. Your work will be included in the conference program and proceedings.

Poster presentation is also available if you are unable to attend the conference in-person. Your poster will be exhibited in the exhibition hall of the conference venue during the conference. Your work will be included in the conference proceedings.


Q: My abstract has been accepted for presentation. Do I have to register by a particular deadline?

A: Yes, it is absolutely essential that you register by the registration deadline which will be mentioned in the AGENDA section of the conference main page. The acceptance of your abstract is conditional on your registeration to attend the conference as presenter. Your registration confirms that you will be presenting your material at the conference, and without your registration we will presume that you are no longer able to present. If the deadline is problematic for you for whatever reason, then please contact the Conference Secretariat in order to explain your situation, and in order that we can retain your material in the program. 





Q: How are the abstracts evaluated?

A: Abstracts are evaluated and selected according to double-blind peer reviews by the scientific committee of the conference and scholars specialized in this field.


Q: When will I receive a response?

A: You will receive a notification in two weeks. If not announced, please wait the abstract submission deadline, sometimes the scientific committee prefers to evaluate all the abstracts together.

If you need an urgent response, you can contact the Conference Secretariat.

You will be informed by e-mail and accepted abstracts will be listed on the website in groups.

Q: Do I have to pay for each paper of mine?

A: Yes, you have to pay for each paper that you present at the conference.


Q: How can I submit my full paper?

A: After entering dakamcms system, you need to log in first, by selecting the 'Add File' option on the right up corner, you will be able to upload your full paper. Please do not create a totally new entry with a new submission number, which may cause the Conference Secretariat to overlook the new entry.

You must fit the paper guidelines, which will accelerate the proceedings book to be published and reduce the risk of any mistakes.


Q: What happens if I could not finish my full paper on time? If I send my full paper after the conference can it be included in the proceedings?

A: You should have submitted your full paper until the deadline. If you can not finish your full paper on time, only your abstract will be included in the conference proceedings.


Q: What is the academic status of the conference proceedings?

A: All full papers are going to be published as an e book with an ISBN number, which will be given to the participants in a DVD box. A printed copy will be sent to be reviewed for inclusion in the "Thomson & Reuters Web of Science's Conference Proceedings Citation Index" (CPCI), although we cannot guarentee that it will be indexed.


The full papers will also be available online at DAKAM's Digital Library, at the end of the year.


Q: I realized that I made mistake in my full paper after the deadline?

A: You should upload the 'last version' of your full paper until the deadline. After the deadline, we do not accept any updates. 


Q: I can not attend the conference, are you going to send me a copy of the conference proceedings and the certificate?

A: If you will do a poster or virtual presentation, the conference proceedings and the certificate will be sent to you as pdf via e-mail.





Q: When should I register?

A: Please register as soon as you know that your attendance is definite after receiving the acceptance notification for your abstract. This will mean that the conference organization team will be able to send all the relevant documentation to you in good time before the conference, and your name will be included in the published list of participants. It will also mean that you have a guaranteed place - on occasions conferences do become fully booked and regrettably we do have to turn people away. However, if your attendance is not definite - i.e. you do not yet have your funding or entry visa finalized, please do not register yet.


Q: When is the deadline for registration?

A: If you are planning to attend the conference as a non-presenter participant, there is no deadline for registration. As long as space is available at the conference, you can register right up until the conference itself.

The deadline for the registration of presenters can be seen on the Agenda page of the event.

If you are making a presentation at the conference, it is essential that you register according to the author registration deadline which is detailed in the website. If you do not register by this date, your material will be automatically excluded from the final conference program.


Q: I missed the deadline can I still register?

A: If the conference is fully booked, this will be announced prominently on the homepage of the conference website. If there is no such announcement, we still have places available at the current time. If the registration deadline has not been postponed, please do not register without consulting the organization team by e-mail -it may be impossible to include you to the conference after the preparations reached to an advanced stage.


Q: I am unable to register; can I simply come to the venue and complete registration process there by paying the registration fee?

A: We accept .


Q: I can not or do not prefer to pay credit card, which is asked after filling in the registration form.

A: We do not prefer bank transfers, as the international banking system usually causes several confusions and delays. If you must make a money transfer, please consult to the organization secretariat.


Q: The conference is less than two weeks away, and I haven't received any confirmation documents. What should I do?

A: This could mean that either your registration form was not received successfully, and you are not registered, or that our confirmation documents have not reached you successfully. It is essential that you make urgent contact with the Conference Secretariat in order to check the status of your registration.


Q: How can I receive an invoice?

A: In your registration confirmation pack, you will receive automatically a confirmation invoice. This includes the full amount to be paid for your registration fee along with any relevant payment details received on your registration form.

The invoice sent to you by system provider Xing is the official invoice. If you will pay on desk or do a bank transfer we can give you an invoice at the conference venue. 


Q: When do I need to pay my registration fee?

A: Your registration fee must be paid in full latest by the deadline of registration just after filling in registration form.


Q: Is there a chance to participate with a help or scholarship?

A: Unfortunately, we can not help you in funding your participation. 


Q: I am going to present more than one paper at the conference, do I need to pay more than one registration fee?

A: Yes, the registration fee for the conference applies to each presentation. For the second registration you will have a standard discount.


Q: My paper has more than one author. Shall we all fill in the registration form and pay the regular registration fee of the related category?

A: Every registration order covers the attendance of one author, that means lunch, coffee break, conference proceedings, certificate, badge etc. If more then one author is going to attend the conference, another registration as a non-presenter participant is necessary. The first author should pay the regular registration fee and the co-authors should register as non-presenter participant. 


Q: Can the co-author (not registered as a non-presenter participant) get a certificate?

A: The certificates are prepared in the name of the presenter. Unless you are registered, we can not give you a certificate. Acceptance letters are prepared in the name of all authors of the paper, participation certificates are only given to our registered participants.


Q: I realize that I need to register by the registration deadline, but I am still waiting to hear whether I have funding to attend. What should I do?

A: Do not register for the conference until you are sure that your funding to attend the conference is approved. Cancellation terms and conditions apply to your registration from the moment that you submit your signed registration form to us, Rather than registering, and potentially canceling at a later stage, please let the conference secretariat know your position, and let us know the date when you expect to receive confirmation of the funding application.


Q: Can I bring a companion with me to the conference?

A: People who are not registered can attend to the conference as audience but they can not have the conference materials or conference lunch. Also, we have a 13 year old restriction, please do not bring your children who are younger than 13 year old. 

For the conferences which will take place at a hotel, the people who are not registered are not allowed to the conference. 





Q: I am not yet sure if I can definitely attend the conference. Is it okay for me to register now and then cancel later, or just not turn up at the conference?

A: No, if you are not sure that you can attend, do not register at this stage. Cancellation terms and conditions apply to your registration from the moment that you submit registration form, as we will then be holding a place at the conference specifically for you. The conference organizers incur prepaid costs for each place booked, for example for your conference catering and for conference materials or the fees of online systems, regardless of whether you ultimately attend or not, which is the reason for the cancellation charge. In addition, if you book a place, and the conference becomes fully booked, you will be preventing someone else from attending the conference.


Q: I have to cancel my place at the conference. Can a colleague attend in my place?

A: This is usually not a problem. Please inform the Conference Secretariat in writing of your details, plus the contact details of the person who will be attending in your place. A substitution can then be made, and no extra charge or cancellation penalty is incurred.


Q: I must cancel my place at the conference. What shall I do and how will be refunded?

A: Just after you have informed the Secretariat, we will cancel your order.

Until abstract submission deadline (84 days before the conference), you will reimbursed the full amount, except the cancellation service charge of the XING Events / Amiando.

Until the original registration deadline (42 days before the conference), you will be reimbursed 70 percent of your registration fee,  except the cancellation service charge of the XING Events / Amiando.

The refund will be made by XING Events / Amiando after the conference in two weeks by repaying to the credit card used during the registration.

After the original registration deadline, no refund is possible (neither of the registration fee, nor of the extras such as dinner or hotel reservation).

In this cases we could recommend you to make a Virtual Presentation (without any refund), which do not necessarily require personal attendance, or to attend to another DAKAM conference in the same year without paying the registration fee by applying with an abstract once again (but paid additional services are not transferable to another conference).


Q: I need to cancel my place. Do you need to know the reason for my cancellation?

A: Not necessarily. Unfortunately, the cancellation terms outlined apply regardless of the reason for your cancellation.


Q: I need to cancel, but it is too late to get any sort of refund of my fee. Is it okay for me to just not turn up at the conference?

A: We would prefer that you inform the Conference Secretariat in writing of your cancellation for our records, regardless of whether you are due a refund or not.


Q: When should I be arrive at the conference venue?

A: It is very important that you arrange your travel in order to be at the conference venue on the first day of the event. The conference program will be announced shortly after the registration deadline, but we intent to place the social events or some possible free time to the last day. So, if you will only be able to attend the conference one or two days, these should be the first two days.

Please keep in mind that you must be here at the conference by the registration time. 


Q: When will my oral presentation take place and how long should it last?

A: Please refer to the conference program to see when your individual presentation will take place and its duration. A draft program will be announced two weeks before the conference.

The presentations will be 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion time will be given to each presenter for discussion. 


Q: When do I have to send my virtual presentation?

A: You need to send it two weeks before the conference. The virtual presentations should be prepared as a voice over power point presentation or a video format.


Q: I will only be able to attend for a restricted time? Can I decide my presentation time?

A: No, it would not be possible. So, please do not plan anything else for the conference days and attend the whole sessions which will cause a more interactive and exciting event in the end.


Q: Can I change my presentation time after the program is announced?

A: The program is announced according to subjects. We can not change it afterwards.


Q: The details of my presentation have changed, but the old details are still on the website. When will it be updated?

A: Please inform the Conference Secretariat if your presentation details need to be updated on the website. Please bear in mind that the website is updated periodically, but is not immediately reflective of each change to the program as it occurs.


Q: Are there any group travel arrangements for the conference, official air carriers or official travel agents?

A: No, we have found from experience that delegates prefer to make their own independent travel arrangements. In the age of internet bookings, it is easier and more cost-efficient for you to shop around and find the most convenient travel option for yourself. The conference organizers do not provide shuttles from the airport to the conference venue, but transfers by public transport are normally available and information on these can be found on the additional details page on the conference website and information sheet sent with your registration confirmation pack.


Q: Which materials will I get when I arrive at the conference?

A: As a minimum, you will receive a final printed program and the conference proceedings with an ISBN number which will be given you in a DVD box. You will also receive a name badge at the registration desk, which we ask you to wear throughout conference hours for security purposes, and the other conference materials.


Q: When can I receive my certificate? If I forgot to receive my certificate during the conference, can you post it to me?

A:  You can receive your certificates by the end of the conference. We do not post the certificates but you can visit us in our office, during office hours to get your certificate. 


Q: What facilities and operating systems will be used during the conference? Can I bring my presentation on a USB flash?

A: You will be able to show a powerpoint presentation. Please bring your presentation in USB flash and hand us after your registration in the hall that your session will take place.


Q: Can I use my computer to present my paper online or any other way?

A: You can not use your own computer to present your work. You have to bring your presentation in a USB disc. 

We use Windows and Microsoft Office, please keep in mind that you should prepare your presentations accordingly in order to prevent technical mishaps. 

Please keep in mind that the internet connection may not be sufficient enough for an online presentation.


Q: How do I book accommodation for the conference?

A: An official accommodation option is always included on the conference website once the registration period is open. Please see the Additional Services section of the conference website for details of how to make a booking.


Q: Do I need a visa to attend the conference, and if so, can the Conference Secretariat help me with my entry visa application?

A: If you are unsure whether you need a visa to attend the conference, please check with your local embassy or travel agent. If you do, it is essential that you begin the process as soon as possible, in order that you obtain your visa in time for the conference or registration deadline. Visa application procedures have become stricter and more complex and therefore it can take much longer to process your application than anticipated. Subject to certain conditions, we provide a standard acceptance letter indicating that you are invited to take part at the conference so that it will assist you with your visa application. Unfortunately, the Secretariat is unable to follow up your application on your behalf or enter into correspondence directly with consulates.


Q: I am unable to come to the registration session at the start of the conference. Can I register at a later stage?

A: Yes, the conference information and registration desk will be staffed throughout conference hours for queries. But we strongly recommend you to be at registration desk at the start of the event and listen to as many presentations as you can, in order to be involved in discussions and to be able to meet other participants from different places of the world.


Q: I would like to discuss the possibilities of future collaboration with DAKAM. Are you open to cooperation?

A: Yes, absolutely. We will be happy to arrange a private meeting with you.




Please visit the General Terms and Conditions page.

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